Thunderfury Research & Testing [Proc, Threat, Elemental]

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Re: Thunderfury Research & Testing [Proc, Threat, Elemental]

by Baroa » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:58 pm

St0rfan wrote:
Baroa wrote:
The answer to your questions is already in the thread. Also it doesn't proc from itself nor other procs.. Again answered already.

Hi, i kind of talked about the PTR; have you seen my screenshot? im pretty sure its at 30% now - 33% might be overkill, maybe because i set up the procwatch wrong, shouldve used "YOUR Thunderfury hits...".

So right now on the PTR at least its 30% probably.

It would make very little sense tho because the patch thats hitting shouldve been the one that nerfed it.

The "YOUR" is very important if you play with other people who also use it.

Yes, but i saw the people around me, there was only a very few and till a certain time when i saw ppl show up who procced it aswell it was at around 30% - so there is hope for us afterall ;)


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