<Ninja> Simpax (A)

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<Ninja> Simpax (A)

by vincitygialam » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:17 am

With this post I want to go out with a warning:

Simpax, a 44(current level) priest loves himself some money, therefore, he ninja loots.

During a Maraudon-run the ring "Assault Band" dropped. Me(potentmix) and the rogue needed on the ring, since its an upgrade for both of us. The priest proceeds to declare that "anyone who gets the ring HAS to equip it, or I will leave." Here is an image that supports this claim:
After this statement(see image) he surprises us all by needing on the ring. The priest wins the ring, and let me remind you all - this is a DPS ring with attack power.
He gets the ring and refuses to follow his own rule "equip it or I will leave" and then states something like "Everybody needs 70g bro". He finishes his group participation by leaving the party.

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