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How to post in this sub-forum

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:23 pm
by Pottu
Greetings Nostalrius players.

This sub-forum is meant for Horde guilds to recruit members on the PvP server. If your guild is Alliance or on the PvE server, please post in the appropriate sub-forum instead.

Each guild thread should have all the basic info in the first, original, post, including which classes they are looking for, what are the guild goals and priorities and who to contact for applying. If your guild chat is not in English, you can make the recruitment post in your native language but please include a short summary in English. Threads that do not include a summary in English will eventually be deleted.

Please do not post complaints or drama about a guild or its members in here. Either contact the guild master directly via a private message or make a thread in General Discussion if it's a larger topic.