Why Classic-server will never come

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Why Classic-server will never come

by TheAnointedOne » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:43 am

I have never played on Nostalrius. At least not for long. In my eyes this private server was in comparison to other private servers bad in terms of amount of bugs. I was able to correct much more mistakes in my own version of classic server on my harddisk. Source was of course mangos. I am no computer scientist and actually I cant program but I am highly intelligent. I would call my self a super genius. So I was able only armed with basic knowledge in C++ and SQL to correct many mistakes. It began with Quests and Database and ended with changes in the source code to correct game mechanic issues or scripting Quests.

I am German and my English is not perfect. But I guess u can understand me.

Why I think that Blizzard will never release a real Classic server and why you should never pay this company any money again. This is actually my topic here.

Well at first Activision-Blizzard is not the same company anymore than in 2004. Nowadays they have no customer service anymore. They just want our money. I mean 50 Dollars for a demo? Thats disguisting. These guys are destroying our beloved game for years now. In their forums they placed trolls who work for their company or are somehow connected to Blizzard. These trolls insult the real players who are paying customers by the way and no slaves like they treat us. And they insult the good old days and get applause by the Blizzard admins.

This company hates us. We shouldnt support this. I dont know if u know that but obviously Blizzard and many other companies r cheating on their customers. U play against unbeatable cheater bots in BGs since MoP. Cheating increased or began at the end of WotLK in BGs at least. Arena was always a fraud.

I mean if u have a problem with the game u cant even reach anybody at Blizzard. They dont even have an E-Mail-Adress. And if u report a bug for example they just dont care. For example since Cataclysm the hearthstone-animation is bugged. Its also bugged on the private servers like Nostalrius. I corrected this mistake in my personal privat server I had. But I dont wanna release a privat server. I just try to warn u to support a company which hates u for years and is giving a fuck what u have to say or what u think.

If u r too ingelligent for the blizzard staff then they "ban" u from their forums in which today r only trolls and retards.

I stopped playing in MoP for good. Classic was of course better than the shit they produce after Cataclysm but of course Classic had many flaws. It was not the best time of WoW.

I bet they will purchase a new software for the classic server they develop. Although I still have the old Classic CDs they want my and your money again. U will see that this will happen. And I bet their version of classic will have even less to do with the original game than a totally bugged privat server like Nostalrius was for example.

Activision-Blizzard should totally change their behaviour towards their costumers and if they dont want that then you shouldnt pay them anything anymore. Do something senseful with your life. Video games in general are harmful for your health and your soul. And Blizzard knows that. They knew it always.

Re: Why Classic-server will never come

by Norjak » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:12 pm

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Re: Why Classic-server will never come

by dreamout » Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:43 pm

How true words.Actually this classic wow blizzard release its a failed one .Failed to do faction balance,failled to fix pugs vs premades. and failed to bring old av clap clap clap

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