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by khaldrogo » Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:05 am

Top 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners of 2019

There are numerous reasons why people love vacuum cleaners made by Dyson. First of all, their vacuums always have reliable suction power. Also, Dyson models feature tangle-free turbines, ball design, cyclone technology, and cinetic vacuums.

If you are convinced by the reasons above and want to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner as soon as possible, continue to read this post! Our team at TheKingLive.com has read through various Dyson vacuum reviews and made a list of the top 3 Dyson vacuum cleaners for 2019. We hope that at the end of this article, you will be fully informed and able to get the most suitable Dyson vacuum for yourself!

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Dyson’s Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson Ball Multi-floor


Dyson Ball Multi-floor is the traditional upright Dyson vacuum that everyone loves. Besides that, it is also the vacuum that has the most powerful suction in the Dyson family. What makes this machine great is that when compared with other series, it seems to be relatively cheaper, yet can still deliver incredible cleaning. In other words, when it comes to price, Dyson Ball Multi-floor is typically the best home vacuum out there.

As this machine is the corded type, it comes with a 30 foot long power cord. With this cord length, cleaning large homes won’t be a pain anymore. In case you think corded vacuum cleaners might not be flexible enough, you might think again about the Dyson Ball Multi-floor. It is because the vacuum cleaner design now has a detachable hose, as well as other tools for versatile cleaning. Thanks to these tools, more cleaning jobs can be done with this machine. The user can clean different floor types by using the self-adjusting cleaning head on this vacuum.

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Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor Canister Vacuum


As a top vacuum brand, Dyson produces different types of vacuum cleaners. You are going to love their canister vacuums, especially the Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor. As we have stated above, Dyson’s vacuums always have the most potent suction, including this one, which delivers 250AW of suction power. There is also a feature called carbon fiber turbine that allows the vacuum to pick up any dirt or dust effortlessly.

Are you sick of emptying the dirt out of standard vacuum cleaners all by yourself and getting yourself all dirty in the process? If you are, we have great news for you, as the Dyson Big Ball Multi-floor has a button that helps you release the dirt inside the dust bin with just one press. But that is not the only great news; the model’s dust bin is also the largest among other Dyson vacuums that come in the same category.

Dyson cordless stick vacuum - V8 Absolute

If you love the Dyson V7, then you will like this one even more, as it is an upgrade of the V7. Being an upgrade, the Dyson V8 Absolute has better delivery in terms of cleaning modes, battery, and other areas. While the old version only allows 6 minutes of MAX mode cleaning, the V8 Absolute now has a total working time in MAX mode cleaning of 8 minutes. After the machine is fully charged, you can use it for 40 minutes.

This model is perfect for cleaning carpet, as its direct-drive cleaning head can suck up hidden dust and dirt in carpets with its stiff nylon bristles. The V8 Absolute is also HEPA filtered, which means the bacteria and allergens in the air of your living space will be taken care of as well! This model also comes with a filter that is washable and will last a long time. Therefore, you won’t have to spend money to replace this filter very often.

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What makes the Dyson vacuum cleaner brand famous is the brilliance of their vacuums. They release new models every year, while the costs of their old models go down. With a bit of careful research, you can still afford an excellent Dyson vacuum without having to pay a tremendous amount of money. Read this list of top 3 Dyson vacuum cleaners to be well informed!
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