Azuremyst Isle

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Azuremyst Isle

by parmenides » Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:42 am

I'm testing the Draenei starter zone. Things I wanted to note:

Quest "The Emitter" - when completed, the animation for completing the quest does not play.

Quest "Inoculation" - The Inoculated Moonkin hit for a lot, like 20 per swing (2 shots lowbies).

Quest "Tree's Company" - The NPC Engineer "Spark" Overgrind wanders too far from the Odesyus camp. I saw him clipping through terrain to the west of the camp. He offers to the prompt to complete the quest prior to using the Tree costume.

Quest "Show Gnomercy" - NPC Engineer "Spark" Overgrind is wandering off the beach. Clicking his prompt doesn't aggro him even after completing the previous quest. He stays "friendly" and the quest can't be completed. (refer to last picture - same scenario basically)

Quest "A Cry For Help" - NPC "Magin" won't start the escort quest.

Quest "The Kessel Run" - NPCs "High Chief Stillpine", "Exarch Menelaous", and "Admiral Odeysus" do not offer the text prompt to "warn" them to complete the objective.

Quest "Matis the Cruel" - NPC "Matis the Cruel" does not patrol along path. When you aggro him, he runs at an advanced speed, as if he's on a mount. The flaregun to summon the mob "Tracker of the Hand" works, but the Tracker of the Hand does not aggro to Matis the Cruel after being summoned. Tracker mob does nothing. Killing "Matis the Cruel" completes the quest, regardless of Track's help, though.

Quest "What We Don't Know" - NPC Captured Sunhawk Agent isn't inside a cage, like the NPC should be. After taking the bloodelf transformation, and speaking to Captured Sunhawk Agent, the NPC does not offer the text prompt to continue the quest. . Sample video of quest working:

NPC - Exarch Menelaous - the prompt "Where can I find more infected.." doesn't give a reply.

NPC - Otanambusi - General Goods vendor - the limited supply items, like "Minor Mana Potion (3)" do not properly count down when they are purchased.

NPC - "Webbed Creature" - the webbed mobs on Bloodmyst Isle, by the spiders, spawn mobs when you kill them. The mobs that come out have all been "boss mobs" - Deathclaw, from another quest ("WANTED: Deathclaw" and Zarakh from The Missing Expedition. Looting "Webbed Creature" yields 1x [Tin Ore] 100% of the time.

NPC - "Void Critter" - These are strange. Level 5, hit for 1 damage, have about 430 HP (as much as level 16-18 mobs). Their loot table seems bugged - Very high drop rate of [Lesser Healing Potion], [Minor Mana Potion], [Ice Cold Milk] and [Freshly Baked Bread.]

Item - [Small Barnacled Clam] - Sometimes incorrectly gives [Blood Shard], quest item for Horde in the barrens.

Item - [Bristlelimb Key] - drops without quest being accepted; can unlock the Stillpine Captives, but does nothing.

Item - [Blackened Defias Boots] - dropped off Axxarien Trickster. I've never seen Defias set drop outside of Deadmines.

Item - [Blood Shard] - These drop from Tin Veins in Bloodmyst Isle. Not sure they should.

Item - [Target Dummy] - Tooltip: "Use: Drops a target dummy on the ground that attracts nearby monsters to attack it. Lasts for 15 seconds or until killed." -- Target Dummy doesn't do this at all. It acts like a summonable pet - it follows you, it stays active until dead (longer than 15 seconds), and it deals damage (about 10-15 per swing) to aggro'd mobs. More than 1 can be active at the same time. Screenshot to sum up its bugs:

General notes:

Copper and Tin nodes on Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles sometime respawn within 30 seconds or less. Not sure if the test realm is tweaked for that. There are a LOT of nodes that do this.

Shaman - "Earthbind Totem" doesn't pulse on use (it should).

Shaman - "Flametongue Weapon" sometimes procs off itself (two times per white swing).

Shaman - Talent - Flurry - some white damage doesn't proc the effect (I feel like there's an auto-swing bug,)

Shaman - "Mana Spring Totem" generates aggro, when it shouldn't.

Mage - "Frost Nova" - If i'm frost nova'd, and drop combat, I can't drink for mana. It tells me I can't do this because I'm moving.

Rare elites (silver dragon, named mobs) do not drop their green items.

Some vendors sell limited-quantity items, like potions, but have an infinite supply of them.

Profession - Jewelcrafting - the [Prospecting] skill is bugged - using it on the same stack 2 times yields nothing, doesnt diminish the amount of ore in the stack. You have to relog or split the stack into 5 ores to get it to do anything. It's a pain in the ass.

Racial Ability - Draenei - the "Gemcutting" (+5 to Jewelcrafting skill) racial passive does not work. It adds nothing.
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Re: Azuremyst Isle

by Abcas » Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:33 pm

Additionally, I found the following:

Quests "A small start" was available without completing the prequests. Accepting it made the quest "The Prophecy of Velen" unavailable.

Quest "A cry for help": Questgiver does not start moving upon accepting this escort quest.

Re: Azuremyst Isle

by parmenides » Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:59 pm

Vanilla content bugs:

NPC - Blackrock Shadowcaster does not have mana, will not cast spells.

NPC - Defias Rummager, Garn Mathers, hit for 1-2 damage. Dustwallow marsh mobs. They do not drop silver despite being humanoids.

NPC - Starving Mountain Lion - stealthed, shouldn't be

NPC - Mountain Lion - stealthed, shouldn't be

Quest - "The Missing Diplomat" - NPC Tapoke "Slim" Jahn does not aggro and can't be killed in Menethil Harbor.

Quest - Nat's Bargain - "Lurking Shark" does not spawn.

Question - "Hints of a New Plague?" the final stage, to escort Kineroy, doesn't work. It automatically completes, however, giving EXP and final quest to return to Southshore.

Quest - "Hints of a New Plague?" - Went into the Darrow Hill cave of Yeti's. There were "Alterac Granite" spawns there, and I looted one to see what it would do. Looting an Alterac Granite vein gave me a "Sealed Letter" for the Hints of a New Plague quest.

Quest - "The end of the deserters" - Lowering Gavis Greyshield's HP to 10% begins his event to escort him, but he does not follow after this.

Quest - "Corrosion Prevention" - The "Power Core Fragment" objects are not charging the item ("Ooze Buster") to dissolve the necessary mobs (Acidic Swamp Ooze and Bubbling Swamp Ooze).

Quest - "The Grimtotem Weapon" - the item [Captured Totem] is not working as intended.

NPC - Bloodsail Warlock - the NPC's pet, Succubus Minion, does not despawn after killing the warlock.

Item - [Sagefish Delight] - Does not restore Hitpoints (840 health) on use. (Restores the 1260 mana, though).

Item - All items which add "Drunk effect" dont add it. [Rumsey Rum Black Label]

Areas with caves have pathing and aggro issues.

All escort quests are bugged.

Rare quality [Blue] items drop too frequently. - I got 3 between 2 mobs in this screenshot. 2 blues off a single enemy.

Shaman - Windfury Weapon - Still procs after being disarmed.

Shaman - Windfury Weapon - Procs can be dodged and parried. They shouldn't be.

Shaman - Poison Cleanse Totem - should proc on dropping, but doesn't.
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